The Placement Process

Ongoing Schools 2015Our small size is a true asset and enables a unique placement process in which administrators can be extraordinarily involved with each family to offer support as their children make the transition into middle school, whether independent, public, in or outside of New York City. Starting in the spring of each child’s Fourth-grade years, families begin the process with a series of panels, meetings, and guided research. Throughout each child’s Fifth grade year, families become more involved, with preparatory practices and communications, school tours, interviews, and more.

Caedmon maintains close relationships with all of the ongoing schools, characterized by an extraordinary transparency. The Head of School is frequently in touch with admissions directors across the city and beyond to advocate for our student applicants, and the Directors of Admissions are extremely impressed with candidates from Caedmon due to their confidence, poise, and the sense of whimsy and rigor they bring to work and play, and the schools trust the assessments made by Caedmon’s educational administrators.