The Transition to Middle School

UL Graduates2014A hallmark of our program is the extent to which we prepare our students for middle school and beyond, and the partnerships we form with families as we together come to know their children over the years. Finding a middle school that is best suited for each graduating senior is of utmost importance, and we make it a point to deeply know every child, from their learning style, what projects they gravitate toward, how their friendships blossom, or even what games they like to play.

The benefits of choosing a Nursery through Fifth grade academic experience at Caedmon are numerous:

  1. Starting in the  fourth-grade year, families receive continued support from the Head and Assistant Head of School in finding a suitable independent or public middle school for their child.
  2. Parents will have a better sense of a child’s interests, social intelligence, and learning style, and will be better equipped to find an appropriate ongoing school for her at age 10, as opposed to age 2.
  3. Young children at Caedmon are given opportunities to assume authentic leadership roles through a variety of public speaking opportunities, by serving as mentors to our younger students through our Book Buddies program, and acting as role models and setting a positive example for the lower grades.
  4. With the support and guidance of teachers, administrators, and peers, our Fifth grade seniors become mindful and reflective  as they consider the schools that are most suitable to their needs and wishes, and learn to practice self advocacy in discussing their unique qualities, goals, and experiences.
  5. Bonding! Time and again, parents have come to us to share what a bonding experience it was to share in the placement process with their child — how they came to know their son or daughter on a deeper level, and how they marveled at the level of maturity by which their children came to know themselves.