From the Head's Corner

Each week, Head of School Mr. Stuart sends thought-provoking messages to the entire Caedmon community. Discussing a range of topics from Montessori practices, the latest research on childhood education, to sharing his world travels, the weekly missives are cherished by parents and staff alike for their insight, thoughtfulness, and warmth.

Congratulating & Celebrating

Writing the penultimate missive for Inside Caedmon is always challenging. Next week, in our final piece, we will celebrate our spectacular graduating Class of 2017 and their graduation.

Intention & Impact

Hanging in the Caedmon Lobby, directly below the school’s Mission Statement is Our Commitment to Community and Equity.

Notes from the Student Suggestion Box

Well, summer has arrived, no? And you can tell that school, students, teachers (maybe you as parents?), despite four more weeks,