Alumni Events


Each year offers many opportunities for Caedmon alums and their families to participate in school events. Caedmon graduates tend to stay in touch with each other, and frequently volunteer to assist with Family Association, Admissions, or After School activities. In addition, older alums have served on the faculty and Board of Trustees.

Alumni Ice Skating Night
Michael Zuppone – Boston College
Brielle Paul – Lehigh University
Chelsea Palmer – SUNY, Canton
Jimmy Kajon – 12th grader at Poly Prep

These 2009 Caedmon graduates got together for a little ice skating at Wollman Rink before returning to their elementary school last week. They shared lots of memories and reflected on life, eight years removed from their Caedmon student days.

Chelsea Palmer: “I remember music class where we learned to play the instruments and then coming together for the shows. Now that I think about it, that was pretty huge for an elementary school.”

Brielle Paul: “The teachers at Caedmon allowed us to create what we wanted and allowed us to be individuals in a very safe space. That’s why it works. Kids want to be creative and they want to be who they are and the teachers accepted that and integrated that into their lessons.”

Michael Zuppone: “Whenever I think of Caedmon, I think of a tight-knit community. I know that will always be central to a Caedmon education.”

Jimmy Kajon: “It was at Caedmon where I discovered I loved math and that’s why I’m going to study computer science in college.”