Alumni 2015Thank you for taking the time to read about Caedmon Alumni. Since 1962, thousands of young children have begun their educational journeys at Caedmon. Many are now doctors, authors, app designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, educators, and more. More importantly, Caedmon alumni embody the mission of The Caedmon School. They are empathic individuals whose passions in life were formed in the elementary years.

If you are an alumnus of The Caedmon School (all who attended Caedmon for at least one school year are considered alumni), please go to our Contact page and update your information. We would love to have you back at Caedmon to be a guest reader in the classroom, speak about your Caedmon experience at an admissions panel, attend Caedmon Alunni Week each January, or help plan future alumni events.


Andrew Kagan
Director of Alumni Relations

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