Schedule an Interview

We look forward to meeting your child and introducing your family to our school and community! Upon submission of your online application, our Admissions Assistant, Susan Bonet, will contact you to schedule two appointments: A child interview and a parent interview.

Child Interview
Beginners and Early Program (ages 2.8 through 4.11)
Children applying to Beginners or Early Program  participate in a group interview with a small number of children for thirty to forty minutes. These playgroups are held on Saturdays and on weekdays in December and January.

Kindergarten (age 5.0 by September 1, 2017)
The Kindergarten playgroups last for one hour and involve approximately twelve children. These sessions are held on Saturdays in December and January.

First through Fifth Grade
Children applying to First through Fifth grades participate in a classroom visit for 90 minutes during a school day in the grade to which they are applying. Classroom visits take place in November, December, or January.

Parent Interview
Beginners and Early Program
Beginners and Early Program applicants meet with an Admissions Officer for approximately 45 minutes at a separate time from their child’s group interview. The parent interview is an opportunity for parents to discuss their child and school search as well as ask specific questions about our program.

Kindergarten and Elementary
For parents for Kindergarten and Elementary applicants, the school tour and parent interview will take place during the same appointment.

It is required that both parents attend this appointment, if applicable. Please call the Admissions Office if you have any questions or to discuss your options.