Designating Your Donation

Annual Giving
Annual Giving helps achieve and sustain the quality education we expect at The Caedmon School and is an essential component toward the education of our children and our efforts to create the best possible learning environment.

Annual Giving helps the school meet its annual operating expenses, supplements faculty salaries and financial aid, and makes up the difference between tuition revenue and the actual cost of educating each child.

The Laflin Fund
This fund extends the opportunity of a Caedmon education to families with limited resources. One goal of The Caedmon School’s mission is that our children should experience their own individual worth and the unique value of others, as part of a community that is spiritually, intellectually, economically, culturally, and racially diverse. In this way, we believe children will naturally come to appreciate the common threads that draw us all together.

In the fall of 1994, Caedmon approached interested families for help in establishing a fund to support diversity at the school. With this fund, we offer you an opportunity to give to Caedmon in a particularly meaningful way, by helping to ensure our rich diversity.

The Marilyn Ann McTague Fund for Faculty Development
The Marilyn Ann McTague Fund for Faculty Development provides financial support for our teachers to further their professional growth in ways that will enhance their expertise in the classroom and reinforce their commitment to Caedmon. The fund enables them to complete their graduate studies, travel, or attend conferences which support their career development.

Marilyn Ann McTague plunged into her teaching career at The Caedmon School in 1971 with the same humor, dedication, and intelligence that characterized her work at Caedmon for the next thirty-three years. Miss McTague (now retired) made an indelible impression, both on her young charges and on the culture of the school. Parents remember her complete devotion to their children, and remain forever indebted to her for her wise counsel. In 1995, Caedmon created The Marilyn Ann McTague Fund for Faculty Development to recognize Miss McTague’s many years of service, and to honor and support Caedmon’s greatest resource: our teachers.

The Elizabeth Crawford Connelly Scholarship
The Elizabeth Crawford Connelly Scholarship is offered each year to one or more Caedmon families who otherwise would not be able to enroll or remain at Caedmon. It was created in 2002 in memory of Elizabeth Crawford Connelly, a founding parent of Caedmon and a member of the Board of Trustees. Elizabeth Connelly’s work at Caedmon reflected a lifetime of social concern and public activism.Resources donated to this scholarship are dispersed in their entirety each year, in keeping with the spirit of Mrs. Connelly herself, who throughout her life was an advocate of those in immediate need.

The Josephine Hartog Fund for Montessori Teacher Training
The Josphine Hartog Fund enables Caedmon teachers to undertake or complete their Montessori teacher training, or to otherwise enhance their understanding of the Montessori philosophy. The fund was created in 2007 in memory of Mrs. Josephine Hartog, who served from 1969 to 1974 as Caedmon’s third Head of School. Mrs. Hartog was a passionate advocate of Montessori education throughout her career, and was instrumental in developing the unique application of the Montessori philosophy that is evident at Caedmon today.

Your support of this fund will help to assure that our teachers continue to apply Caedmon’s Modified Montessori approach with a thorough historical, methodological, and philosophical understanding of the work of Maria Montessori.

The Greg Blackburn Music Scholarship Fund
The Greg Blackburn Music Scholarship Fund makes it possible for Caedmon students who would otherwise not have the resources to work individually after school with a professional musician on an instrument of the student’s choice.
Dr. Blackburn served as Head of School at Caedmon from 2007 to 2011. The Music Scholarship Fund was created in the spring of 2011 to honor Caedmon’s beloved “Dr. B” and to support two of his passions, music and diversity—especially economic diversity— both of which fueled the evolution of these programs at Caedmon during his tenure. Dr. B, a pianist, initiated the required violin program from K through 3rd Grade as well as the Fifth Grade Musical Theater Performance. He was responsible for increasing diversity among the school’s board of trustees, faculty, staff and student body. He authored articles and conducted workshops related to white privilege throughout the independent school world and guided the community to a deeper understanding of and respect for diversity in all its forms.
Donations to this scholarship fund will enhance the students’ love of music, reinforce the school’s mission to pursue and celebrate diversity, as well as keep Dr. B’s legacy ringing throughout the school.