The Annual Fund

Caedmon Fund 2015-2016Supporting our children and school requires resources, and income from tuition supports a portion of these expenses. The Annual Fund completes the picture. Your participation in the Annual Fund reflects your belief in The Caedmon School and commitment to see students flourish. The Annual Fund is one expression of community—all are invited to give at the level they are able, and all gifts contribute to what we can accomplish together.

Our goal is 100% participation from current parents, trustees faculty and staff. Such enthusiastic, broad-based support represents a community-wide commitment to the goals and fiscal realities of our school’s mission.

All gifts to The Annual Fund are tax-deductible. Funds raised annually directly benefit our entire community and help support faculty, technology and learning resources, program enhancements, athletic and musical equipment, science supplies, spaces for learning, financial aid, and more.

Should you have any questions, please contact The Caedmon School’s Development Office at 212.879.2296.

With gratitude we thank those who have donated thus far to the 2018-19 Annual Fund. Current donations/pledges are $200,000. Our goal is to reach $515,000 with 100% parent participation. Please join the following participants in supporting this year’s Annual Fund. Thank you!

Current Parents
Christopher and Morgan Baker
Jeffrey Cavalli and Dawn Sanders
Yuan-Hsiang and Yi-Tien Chang
Elliot Charen and Alexandra Snyder Charen
Brendon Costello and Diane Kwon
Sean and Hilli Dagony-Clark
Scott and Nicole Dauer
Joshua Davis and Alison Gilchrest
Omar Dennis and Nancy Smith
Luis and Cricket Diaz
Stephen and Jennifer Dunn
Can Eksioglu and Tansa Mermerci Eksioglu
Bryan and Rachel Fingeroot
Brian and Jun Finkelstein
Dennis Finkielstein and Ellena Linden
Richard Froom and Kelly Riggle
Bose George and Anna Upton
Michael Giglio and Alyssa Rohdie
David and Jill Grazioli
David Griffel and Marjorie Zauderer
Sean Griffin and Ilya Stephano
Shoshanna Gruss
Peter Harris and Peylin Yang
Russell and Tatiana Ionin
Thomas and Gretchen Kocicia
Vladimir Kokorev and Sandra Herrera
Joseph Kramar and Jaymie Sullivan
Paulo Lima and Viviane Polacow
Bruno and Patricia Medeiros
Ali and Saniya Mehdi
Inga Mikhasiuta
Gregorio and Candace Miranda
Robert Nachtrieb and Alessa Falsarone
Ajit and Michelle Nair
Lisa Oberstein and Andrea Frey
Richard and Rebecca Parry
Gregory Maskel and Gabriela Pereira
John Modzelewski and Jennifer Rodburg
John and Zeynep Pegg
Horacio and Tatyana Pena
Robert Polsky and Emily Prager
Scott and Rebecca Potolsky
Mark Racanelli and Helen Cantwell
David and Elina Restrepo
Robert Ritchie and Amy Chow
Darrell Ross and Naila McKenzie Ross
Manuel Schmidt and Christiane Fashek Schmidt
Joseph Sellitto and Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto
The Stecher Family Foundation
Matthew and Allison Van Dusen
Chetan and Vaishali Vig
Michael and Parilee Wang
Pei Wang and Tao Ling
Bradley Wasserman and Jennifer Capla
Kevin and Amanda Widmaier
Drexell and Denise Wright
Charles Yang and Sandra Smith
James and Mary Yellen
Eric Yuen and Patty Ng
Samuel and Kara Zanger
Sen Zhang and Yilin Liu
Flavio Zveiter and Luiza Mariani
Alumni Parents
William and Tika Brewer
Lloyd and Ginger Brokaw
Lawrence and Suzanne Charity
Carole Devine
Patrick and Susan Fennessey
Sarah Foley
Tara Greaney
Keith and Karen Halverstam
Robert and Edith Hornick
Nicholas and Robyn Kajon
Peter and Gwenn Kapner
Peter and Diana Keenan
Juliana Pereira
Sascha Rand and Kalpana Gajjar
J.R. and Cindy Rodriguez
Brett and Randi Singer
Martin Sherlock and Christine Spinelli
Craig Stinebaugh and Stephanie Lofgren
Radu Teodorescu and Clare Tattersall
Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation
(several trustees are also listed under other categories)
Ginger Brokaw
Jennifer Burleigh
Helen Cantwell
Jennifer Capla
David Castle
Nicole Dauer
Kalpana Gajjar
Derrick Gay
Michael Giglio
Freda Gimpel
James Halpin
Kimbely Joyce-Bernard
Joan Lonergan
Princess Lyles
Bruno Medeiros
Jeremy Rosenberg
Nancy Smith
David Smith
Jamie Stecher
Gerry Walker
Faculty and Staff
Jenni Arcieri
Megan Avery
Slawomir Balon
Susan Bonet
Emily Burnett
Laura Capote
Jeremy Davidson
Levon Dimmick
Samantha Dulaj
Sydney Fass
Elaine Fitzgerald
Paula Flatow
Abigail Fleischer
Allison Foresi
Rosemary Frisaro Kessler
Melissa Fuhrman
Emily Genduso
Miguel Gomez
Heather Halverson
Elena Howell
Tyler Jennings
Pauline Johnson
Andrew Kagan
Gwenn Kapner
Susan Kelly
Kathleen Kilbaine
Jelecia McGregor
Dan McNerney
Stephanie Messing
April Milton
Melvin Morillo
Kym Mosley
J.J. Murphy
Sonya Neis
Simon Prosser
Andria Quintero
Majlinda Rama
Cintya Ramirez-Garcia
Adam Schlessinger
Joyce Schneider
Ann Simmons
Bryan Storti
Matthew Stuart
Jennifer Tarpley
Russel Tilly
Allison Trinkle
Vonetta Trotter
Mary Beth Vrazel
Elizabeth Ward
Amie Wellings
Meredith Woodruff
John and Nancy Dexter
Daniel and Diana Driscoll
Carol Jordan-Dorch
Noel and Ann MacMahon
Sergio and Maria Pereira
Matthew and Priscilla Snyder