Innovative Programming

With Maria Montessori’s openness to discovery, Caedmon looks for tools and opportunities to connect the curiosity of our students and the interests of the faculty. With the goal of making the learning process engaging and fun, recent additions to our curriculum include:

Magic Planet®
The Magic Planet® is a digital video globe and projection display with a sphere-shaped screen. Students view and explore dynamic digital media that explains our world.

Board Games
All classrooms have access to our 250+ gaming library, where time is dedicated to collaborative play. Gaming is shown to enhance social skills and boost confidence, all while working together and having fun.

Maker Spaces
Each classroom has dedicated time for maker space integration, in which students build intricate structures, work on design projects, and determine technological pathways for coding and electricity.

Video Production
Through use of a new green screen outside of our library, students can superimpose subjects onto virtual backgrounds, enabling them to imagine, create, film, and edit their own educational videos.
Minecraft’s education edition is tailored for classroom use, where children engage in an online gaming community to build teacher-guided worlds and structures in an interactive platform.