Character Education

CharacterEducation2015To foster an environment of acceptance and empathy, The Caedmon School utilizes the Responsive Classroom approach to educate socially and culturally aware citizens both within our school and the larger community. The Responsive Classroom approach benefits each child by incorporating emotional growth instruction with academic learning, stemming from the notion that children learn best through social interaction.

Responsive Classroom has been shown to increase academic achievement in elementary school students, decrease problem behaviors, improve social skills, and raise the quality of instruction. In addition, building a positive and inclusive climate in the classroom is integral to bullying prevention within our schools, and research suggests that low rates of bullying are correlated with strong teacher-student relationships, classrooms where all children work together equitably, and quick teacher responses.

As an elementary school, we take character development and inclusivity seriously, making sure that all faculty are trained in the Responsive Classroom methods and that they are carried out each day, whether through morning meetings, integrated classroom time, or through one-on-one discussions to mediate, teach, and inform.