Birthday Treats

Classroom Birthday Treats
By Winstead Caterers

In order to be sensitive to classroom birthday customs and to ensure the health and safety of all children by overseeing ingredients used in celebratory snacks, Caedmon’s own Winstead Caterers will provide birthday treats for all students.

Please follow these directions when ordering food treat for birthday celebrations:

  1. Please be sure to arrange a date with your child’s teacher first!
  2. Birthday Treat order forms must be filled out – forms can be downloaded from the CAEDMON website or can be picked up at the FRONT DESK
  3. Orders are to be placed in kitchen mailbox 72 hours in advance. More advanced notice is appreciated.
  4. 48-hour notice is required to change/cancel an order without incurring a cancellation fee of 50%.
  5. Payment via Visa or MasterCard is required to place order. The credit card number is to be submitted with the order.

Information Required:

  1. Name of Person Ordering
  2. Telephone Number
  3. Name of Child
  4. Classroom & Teacher
  5. Cupcake Flavor Selection or Apple Sauce
  6. List all food allergies (all cupcakes are nut free)!


  • One Type for Entire Classroom ONLY
  • Cupcakes – Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting w/ Sprinkles
  • Cupcakes – Chocolate Cake / Chocolate Frosting w/ Sprinkles
    Apple Sauce

Description & Price

All Birthday treats will be accompanied with “Happy Birthday” napkins and a “Happy Birthday” plaque.

  • Cup Cakes: $24.00 per dozen (including sales tax)
  • Apple Sauce: $ 1.35 each (including sales tax)