International Population

The Caedmon School is very well known within the international community. Families from as many as 30 countries grace our population each year, most of them having learned about Caedmon while still in their country of origin. Their presence and active participation in the school community embodies a vital part of our mission.

At Caedmon we do everything in our power to make our families from around the world feel comfortable and well oriented. A breakfast gathering each fall and a cocktail party in the spring provide the opportunity to meet and begin a valuable exchange of information and mutual support. Returning families assist new ones with cultural issues and practical concerns. The Caedmon Family Association offers a welcoming arena in which international parents can get to know “the locals” while participating in their children’s educational experience.

Each class is all but guaranteed to include at least a few international children. Their teachers are experienced and adept at working with them as they learn a new language and acclimate themselves to a new set of social norms. Aspects of their home cultures are incorporated into the curriculum whenever possible and families are often invited to the classroom to share tales, or work on cultural projects. In these ways, the entire classroom community benefits from the special, worldly perspective offered by our families from abroad.