Caedmon Traditions


Community2015(1)In just over 50 years, Caedmon has established a wonderful array of cherished school traditions, some old and some just beginning. Here is a sampling:

International Family Map of the World
As new families join our community, they are asked to fill out a Community Awareness Questionnaire, the purpose of which is to learn about the cultural, spiritual, and attitudinal perspectives they are bringing to Caedmon. The most immediate outcome of the survey is the map of the world mounted in the lobby, upon which is displayed the names of all our international children within the nations of their family’s origin. Visitors can see at a glance the incredible international diversity that Caedmon enjoys.

Autumn Apple-Picking Trip
Caedmon children return to school each fall eagerly anticipating the apple-picking field trip, when the entire elementary program is packed into buses and taken to an orchard upstate. They spend an entire day amid the smells and colors of autumn, filling their bags (and their bellies) to bursting with fresh-picked apples of every variety. For days before and afterward, at home and in the classroom, everything is all about apples. *Apple Picking trip is postponed until 2021.

Holiday Potlatch
During the holiday season, the Caedmon community comes together for a celebration of giving that is inspired by the Native American “potlatch” traditions. The potlatch tradition recognizes the act of giving as a source of honor and prestige. The elementary children, their teachers, and other adults in the school draw the name of their “potlatch person”. The weeks before the holidays are spent deciding on the perfect gift for their potlatch person – either something created, or a precious possession that is passed on. When the Potlatch Party finally arrives, it is giving, not receiving, that lights up the children’s faces.

The Holiday and Spring Concerts
The children at Caedmon celebrate the holidays by honoring many holiday traditions from around the world through song. In addition, each spring the entire Elementary Program prepares for a musical concert that showcases their musical accomplishments from the past year’s study.

Upper Level Spring Musical
To celebrate their upcoming graduation, Upper Level students spend the months of April and May rehearsing for a musical presentation during the final week of June.

The Spring Field Day & Day in the Park
With lessons finished for the year, it is time to enjoy some fun in the sun. Elementary children head for a day or sporting events at Asphalt Green. The youngsters in the Early Program find it just as thrilling to share an afternoon all together, picnicking at a nearby park.

Closing Exercises

Caedmon’s graduation ceremony is a tradition rich with meaning. The event begins with a processional in which children receive a flower before heading down the aisle with the Caedmon School banner. During the ceremony, students will present a graduation project that is a student-designed endeavor. The piece can take on many forms, such as an audio/visual portion, as well as a speech or a song. This is a truly creative process that the children love designing and executing. The Head of School and the Head of the Board of Trustees then presents each student with a diploma. Finally, Kindergarten Book Buddies share their words of advice and present gifts to the graduates. The students are also welcomed into the Caedmon Alumni Association, and the role of Upper Level is passed on to the next years’ class, as two fourth-grade students carry out the Caedmon banner in the recessional.