From the Head's Corner

Each week, Head of School Mr. Stuart sends thought-provoking messages to the entire Caedmon community. Discussing a range of topics from Montessori practices, the latest research on childhood education, to sharing his world travels, the weekly missives are cherished by parents and staff alike for their insight, thoughtfulness, and warmth.

The Road to 100%

I said to the faculty on Monday: As the school year goes, we are in the final stretch. The next few months are exciting; students and teachers are wrapping up intriguing projects, performing carefully practiced choral and instrumental pieces, or proudly sharing dramatic fare, like the Fourth-grade’s original immigration play or the Fifth grade musical, Into the Woods. All will culminate in the graduation of 25 courageous, capable, and creative children in the class of 2017! … Read more »

Honoring the Individual

Diversity is an often-used word, and sadly I would actually say an over-used word that has lost its power and urgency. Whether because of political correctness, anti-political correctness, trying to be too many categories for too many people, it just seems now like a buzzword at best.

The value (the authentic meaning of the word) of “diversity” has an important place at Caedmon; it is one of our pillars. But what does Diversity really mean? We actually renamed the school’s diversity statement to “Caedmon’s Commitment to Community and Equity”… Read more »

Middle Schools for the Class of 2017

My debate for the pre-Spring Break edition of this Byline is always the balance of a short, simple pre-vacation message, and a robust, “think-about-this” article. Given the return of cold and icy winter in these last two days, I’m thinking a warm, short, cheerful message will do the trick.
I was looking over previous messages I’ve sent prior to this break. They carry the same (important!) theme. Please take the time to enjoy your children and do some things that the everyday doesn’t allow;… Read more »

In the Miracle Business

Where do I begin? It was such a great party last Friday, and I enjoyed the chance to laugh and schmooze with so many of you. I care deeply about your children, feel honored that you have entrusted their education to us, and love being with them – but sometimes it is nice to just hang out with all of you.

Thank you for your support of the Reverse Auction, Bring Our Classrooms to the City and the City to Our Classrooms…. Read more »

100 Days of School

100 Days: It is actually barely a third of an entire year. But it is also an excellent “marker” for big events – the First Hundred Days of the Presidency; the First Hundred Days of a new career, etc.

And why not take advantage of the excitement generated by “The Hundredth Day?” From a school’s point of view, you’ve just passed the halfway-point of the school year. Friendships, curriculum, learning patterns are all humming along by this time…. Read more »

The Evolving World of Teaching Math

Math education has changed immensely since the days when I was in elementary school in the 80s. We were taught to memorize the basic math rules and to use them to solve pages and pages of equations. It didn’t really seem to matter if we understood the concept or used multiple strategies to solve the problem, and we certainly were never asked to defend our positions or discuss our theories with a partner. Fortunately for me,… Read more »

Unstructured Play & Risk Taking

“Unstructured play gives kids the space they need to tinker and take risks – both vital for the budding entrepreneur.”
Darell Hammond, CEO of KaBoom

Dear Caedmon Families,

We had the most exciting Faculty meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Basically, at various stations, the teachers “tinkered;” they explored a number products and activities referred to as “Maker Materials” — hands on, creative activities that can enrich the curriculum in an endless variety of ways. In some schools,… Read more »

What Makes An Exceptional School?

Dear Caedmon Families,

What characteristics and attributes make a truly exceptional Early Program and Elementary School? At The Caedmon School, it is a question we ask ourselves every day. A quote attributed to Aristotle reads, Excellence is not a singular act; it’s a habit. You are what you repeatedly do. Then, an exceptional school will not be something we achieve, but rather a standard that we hold ourselves to, at the end of each and every day…. Read more »

More Digital, Less Dexterous?

Dear Caedmon Families,
I was completely humbled and honored to have been asked by The Parents League, an integral organization to the NYC private school landscape, to submit an article for their annual Review.
After meeting with the faculty and listening to their concerns and the issues facing educating children today, I felt it most important to explore how the development of fine motor skills in our youngest children is influenced by iPads and phone screens…. Read more »

The Spring Benefit & Why it Matters

Dear Caedmon Families,
Director of Development Cindy Rodriguez and Director of Communications Alissa Dufour volunteered to take on this section of the newsletter to this week to give Matthew a much-needed rest. Enjoy!
The Spring Benefit & Why it Matters
Like most parents in the independent school world, you may have noticed that benefit season has descended upon us with all of its glitz, glam, paddle-raising, raffle tickets, and more. In the coming weeks, all across our city,… Read more »