A unique facet of a Caedmon education is the extent to which we cherish these childhood years. One of the few programs in New York City to span and celebrate the length of childhood, our program uses time-tested methods to ensure a creative and collaborative approach to academic excellence.

2.8 years-old

Children in our Beginners program are our youngest learners. Incorporating Montessori methods with more traditional pre-schooling, children receive an unparalleled education, including specialist classes throughout the building, guest readers and speakers, and more.

Early Program
3-4 years-old

Our Early Program classrooms combine children between the ages of 3 and 4 for an authentic Montessori experience. Older children serve as mentors to the younger children as students navigate class stations and “works” with encouragement and support from teachers. Specialist classes and guest readers and speakers round out this immersive learning experience. Full and half day options are available.

5 years-old

Children in Kindergarten continue with Montessori learning elements, applied to more traditional elementary approach to education. As opposed to Early Program, children in Kindergarten are the same age. This is a full-day program only.

Lower Level
First & Second Grades

The Lower Level at Caedmon is a combined First and Second grade program. Children spend two years in the same classroom with the same teacher. They develop their academic and social skills in an environment that is free from competition, rich in intellectual stimulation and academic challenges, and full of emotional support.

Middle Level
Third & Fourth Grades

Middle Level encompasses Third and Fourth grade at Caedmon, although classes are not combined.In the Middle Levels, the children are thinking about what they are learning in critical and creative ways. Their developing skills begin to have practical applications and the curriculum becomes increasingly integrated.

Upper Level
Fifth Grade

The Upper Level at Caedmon consists of one class of Fifth-grade students. They spend the year preparing for the academic and social rigors of middle school, while enjoying the culmination of their Caedmon experience.