Core Curriculum

LL Boy Studying 2015The curriculum at Caedmon reflects the highest standards of the most competitive independent schools. The children are taught effective work-study skills in an environment that encourages independence, creativity, and responsibility.

Early Program
Early Program classrooms are unique, Montessori-prepared environments that invite curiosity and exploration. Teachers guide the children in learning new skills and concepts by modeling with intentional and beautifully crafted materials. True to the Montessori philosophy, students are instilled with a strong sense of independence as teachers provide the freedom to explore and learn. A wide range of content areas make up the program, including language, math, foundations in reading, sensory development, and practical life objectives, such as buttoning a coat, transferring materials, or preparing snacks. A cornerstone of our program is the study of the Earth’s biomes, where children discover various regions around the globe, their climates, plant and animal life, and more. Specialist classes outside of the children’s respective homerooms, include art, music, movement, and yoga. The curriculum and instruction takes into account the preparation for the next stage in the children’s education, and the Early Program flows seamlessly into our Kindergarten program and beyond.

In the Elementary Program, students explore the three major content areas in small instructional groups, including language arts, math, and social studies within their respective homeroom classes. Infused into the curriculum are various Montessori elements to enhance various concepts through use of tactile learning materials. A variety of specialist classes enrich the elementary program, including art, music, Latin, Spanish, science, technology, violin, library, physical education, and yoga. Children from Kindergarten through Fifth grade also take advantage of the city as classroom through field trips to museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions throughout New York. The Elementary program concludes with an immersive capstone mini-term in which children engage in a week-long study on topics that are relevant to becoming more empathic, collaborative, and curious young thinkers.

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